Someone spilled dirt into my tea! …And it was AMAZING

I’ll be honest. I’m not the biggest tea drinking guy on the planet. When I get up in the morning, I stagger over to the coffee machine like everyone else and hope my caffeine-starved brain can remember the recipe for energy juice.


Can YOU spot the difference?

I got in trouble once for almost adding loose leaf Green Tea into a pasta sauce. Somebody told me they liked Bergamot, and I thought they meant the wizard from The Hobbit.

So naturally, when a friend recommended I try Kanwa Green Tea – a beverage that combined the mysterious tea leaf with exotic minerals – I was a little bit skeptical. “I’m supposed to brew up a cup of twigs and sand? And it’s *good* for me?”


The best teas come in tubes.

But I did it. And WOW.

After a few minutes sipping on this tea/mineral hybrid, I started getting the same energized feeling I normally get from a cup of joe – but without coffee breath. It felt cleaner too. I was up and alert yet also relaxed. The natural caffeine high didn’t reach that tooth-grinding intensity of my first morning java. It was almost as if I had switched from burning diesel to ethanol.

I was drinking the Jasmine Green Tea blend, which has a light, mild flavor. It’s a solid green tea offering, and it’s enjoyable without any sweetener at all. I thought I might detect a hint of clay flavor, but nope. The Kanwa clay is completely tasteless – like a health ninja sneaking into your body fortress.

And why did they decide to put clay in their tea, anyway? Glad you asked! Kanwa is a special type of mineral that forms in the desert regions of the world. Its scientific name is Calcium Montmorillonite. It’s a soft, beige-colored clay that sports a unique crystal shape:


Reused courtesy of VolClay International

This “sandwich” shaped crystal is really interesting. When you introduce it to a solution, it naturally starts attracting heavy metals and absorbs them into little molecular cages. Toxins basically become the bacon in that lopsided BLT you see above.

With all this advanced science going on in my tea, how did it feel? In a word: good. Kanwa Green Tea gave me an energizing lift and also created a tranquil calm feeling. It didn’t amp me up like coffee; instead the tea relieved stress! So you’ve got energy, detox, and a mellow mood all in one cup – a pretty sweet deal.

And the energy boost lasted all day! I guess the Kanwa makes life easier for my liver and kidneys, soaking up nastiness and naturally flushing it away. Oh, and don’t get the wrong idea about “flushing it away.” This tea won’t give you a case of Gotta Go Right Now. Kanwa Green Tea cleanses as part of your natural cycle – everything will stay on schedule.

Ultimately, I really have to hand it to this tea. It made a believer out of me.

Now, I’m not going to do anything crazy like stop drinking coffee, but this tea has definitely earned a spot in my daily routine. I recommend it highly. Go check it out!

Kanwa Green Tea is available at Adama Minerals, along with a ton of other Kanwa clay products.


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