Getting Clean with Clay – A Soap Sniffer’s Guide

The Great Zion Health Soap Smell-Off!

Hexed with giant pores and skin as delicate as a glass flower, I’ve been on a quest for the perfect body soap for a long, long time.

That’s why today I’m going to try out THE ENTIRE LINE of Zion Health’s Ancient Clay Soap. These are all-natural soaps made from coconut and olive oils – like all real soap should be! On top of that, they’ve got a special ingredient: Calcium Montmorillonite clay, also known as Kanwa.

According to the company’s website, and a fair amount of scientific studies online, Kanwa is a surprisingly effective treatment for all kinds of body ailments. From dry skin to nausea to mineral deficiency to, yes, even food poisoning, Kanwa can help. (I’ll have to test the food poisoning claim in a later post.)

So without further ado, here’s the FULL LIST of Zion Health soaps, and a report on what my nostrils – and other senses – discovered about each one. PREPARE YOUR SINUSES.

Round 1 – The Lightweight Division

I’m going to be using the 1 oz soap bars for this round, but all these soaps are available in 6 oz and 10 oz bars too. You can find them at Adama Health online or in person at your local Whole Foods!

moondanceLet’s get things started with MOON DANCE, Zion Health’s fragrance-     free soap bar. Moon Dance is going to be our control group here, because guess what it smells like? Nothing. Like hotel soap, only even less scent. The paper it comes it has more fragrance. So safe to say, if you have skin sensitive to fragrances, this is the soap for you.

mountainrainNext up: MOUNTAIN RAIN. Mountain Rain comes on strong, like a spicy, almost Irish Spring-like smell. It’s enhanced with Lavender Essential Oil, which gives it its powerful floral bouquet. Seriously, it’s like washing up with a bundle of fresh Lavender flowers. Very fragrant and very tasty.

eaglesunContestant #3: EAGLE SUN. This soap has a mellow, incense type fragrance. It smells a bit like Patchouli, which is that lingering smell you always encounter at hippie health food stores. It’s more subdued than Mountain Rain, a choice for people who like to live on the mild side. It’s got Lemon Verbena essential oil.

goldensunI have to say that this next soap is my absolute fave: GOLDEN SUN. Yes, another “Sun” scent – but this one doesn’t blend into the crowd. Golden Sun boldly engages your nose with a bright, citrusy scent. Right out of the gate, you get a mighty waft of Grapefruit oil, which transitions smoothly into earthy Lemon Verbena. This soap is a brave choice, and a real wake-up call for your whole body. 10 / 10 would smell again.

windMoving on, we have our next soap WIND. Easily the shortest name on this list of soap, Wind is a confident, well-rounded entry. It has a mild, creamy smell that reminds one of a Vanilla Yankee Candle. This smell is in fact Tea Tree oil, which in addition to smelling awesome helps control skin breakouts and is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal! Not that I’m implying you have any issues with fungus.

whitecloudLast in our Lightweight Division is WHITE CLOUD. White Cloud is like a toned-down version of Golden Sun – still a strong citrus note, but not the intensity I loved about GS. That’s because it’s infused with Tangerine Peel oil, which is a natural source of Vitamin C and antrioxidants that can help prevent wrinkles.

Phew! I’m going to give my nose a quick break here, and I’ll be back soon with Round 2: The Heavyweight Division


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