The Quest for Soap Harmony

I’ve spent a long time trying to find the right daily soap for my skin. It’s a lot tougher than it sounds – like finding the right key to unlock a vault at Gringott’s. (Yes, I will reference a fantasy adventure film in every blog post – Try and stop me!)

Back in the day I had it all – acne, greasy skin, even the dreaded “backne.” Then when I started using medication for my skin, everything switched. Now my skin was desert-dry and couldn’t even stand to be out in the sun without SPF! It was tough to find a soap that could help my ever-changing skin distress.

Eventually, after the maelstrom of adolescence, I finally gleaned some wisdom about healthy skin: Natural is better.

SHOCKING FACT: A lot of the soaps you can find at your local department store are actually much closer to “detergents” than they are to true soap.

How to spot detergents disguised as soaps



The key difference here is that soaps are natural, while detergents are not. Soaps contain things like plant-based oils, saponified oils and glycerin. Detergents on the other hand contain things like sodium laryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate – chemicals that once started their lives as plants but passed through about ten different processes before ending up in the final product.

These heavily processed chemicals can spell disaster for those of us with sensitive skin. They can cause overdrying, resulting in the skin producing extra oils to compensate – not to mention itching and irritation. And “sensitive skin” for me I think would be an understatement.

Making a change for healthier skin

So once I realized the dastardly “soaps” I was using were actually detergents, I made a major change in my skin regimen. The detergents were history. I started using all natural soaps instead of chemically-based cleansers.


Have you ever looked at soap under a microscope? Me neither, but I’m glad I Googled it!

Results were almost immediate! Within weeks my skin felt and looked better – neither oily or dry. Just right.

Stepping out of the shower, my skin felt clean and oil-free, and I didn’t get that stretched-tight feeling that detergent “soaps” left me with. My complexion cleared up, because my skin was finally able to balance its daily oil production and not suffer the onslaught of drying detergents.

One small change made a world of difference. It was a long road to the promised land of Healthy Skin, and finding the right soap was a major part of that journey.

So when I heard that Zion Health had a line of natural soap including ancient clay, I decided to give them a shot. My experiment with them I will detail in my following blog post – Stay Tuned!


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