Ancient Clay Skin Repair kills the itch!

Seeking a natural bug bite remedy

I’ve got a roommate with an unfortunate superpower: As a result of a bizarre science experiment (or just genetics), she’s able to attract every mosquito in a ten-mile radius.


An artist’s impression. She actually uses a crowbar instead of a pasta fork.

Whenever she visits a new town people will assure her – “Don’t worry, we don’t get any skeeters around here.” She’ll just give them a cold stare and say, “Yes you do. They’ve just been waiting for me.”

As sure as sunrise, every morning she’ll discover new bites on her arms and legs. Her only choices to deal with this unfortunate and itchy scenario is to either cover herself with smelly repellents or just suck it up and deal with it.

She’s mindful of her skin’s health, so using chemical repellents isn’t her favorite. And even with the repellents, some bugs just won’t be deterred. So, long story short, she gets bitten by bugs. A lot.

An effective treatment at last

Enter the Adama Minerals Ancient Clay Repair Cream. I brought my roommate a sample of this natural rash remedy, and we both were impressed with how effectively it killed the itching from her bug bites.


The cream, made by Zion Health, is a combination of natural anti-microbial oils from Oregano, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree, mixed with the company’s signature Kanwa Clay.

Oregano in particular has some surprising disease-fighting properties. A 2010 study by the McCormick Science Institute – yes, the spice company – found that oregano oil is effective at killing harmful bacteria and reducing inflammation when applied topically.

As if that wasn’t enough, the same study also found evidence that oregano oils can act as an antidepressant! It sounds a little far fetched, but who hasn’t felt an emotional lift when you smell marinara sauce cooking?

The clay is also an essential part of the cream. Kanwa clay has a superpower a little more practical than my bug-bait roommate. Its chemical structure naturally draws toxins out of the skin and can accelerate the healing process from bug bites and rashes.

And that’s exactly what my roommate’s experience was. The itching stopped right away, and over the next two days the bug bites faded and disappeared.

Part of what made it so effective is that the clay forms a sort of poultice as it dries, and this helps protect the skin from any outside contamination. Also, it helps the other ingredients really stick instead of rubbing off throughout the day.

This cream is awesome. It’s a natural itch remedy that really works!

Try it at Adama Minerals or ask your local health food store!


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