Seriously, why would you put mud in a toothpaste?

There must be an answer to gum recession

When I turned a certain age, it became time for me to stop going to the friendly familiar pediatric dentist. No more video games and toys in the waiting room – it was time to finally see the “Grown Up Dentist.”

I thought it would be mostly the same – get a checkup and my picture put on the Happy Teeth Chart for yet another year. Little did I know.


Art by Alexander Blue

Once I was in the chair and my defenses were lowered, the first thing the dental hygienist did was grab a gum-measuring stick and go to town. She started reading off numbers to the dentist, “3…1…4…3…”

It turns out she was checking my gums for recession – and I wasn’t doing so hot. As the 3’s and 4’s started to rack up, I had to wonder if there was some corrupt judging on the Happy Teeth Chart Committee.

Gum recession is a major problem in American adults – almost 75% suffer from some kind of gum disease, but only 60% have any knowledge of the problem! Gum recession can lead to chronic bad breath, tooth crowding, and even (gasp) tooth loss!

The worst thing about gum recession is that it has a million contradictory causes. Brushing too little, brushing too hard, not flossing, flossing too aggressively. For me, it was bruxism – I grind my teeth at night, which sends gums running.

As the bad news broke, I thought: there has to be a way to keep my gums where they belong!

ClayBrite toothpaste – a natural way to fight gum disease

The natural body care company ZionHealth has a pioneering product that can fight gum disease gently and naturally, and you don’t have to do anything tricky or expensive. It’s called ClayBrite Toothpaste.toothpaste

ClayBrite Toothpaste works just like your ordinary toothpaste, but it has a few special ingredients up its sleeve for healthy gums, fresh breath and strong teeth.

The “Clay” in ClayBrite is Calcium Montmorillonite, a unique kind of mineral that can be found in soft crystal formations all over the world. The clay has been found to have all sorts of health benefits, and it’s especially effective for oral hygiene.

Also known as Kanwa, this edible clay naturally detoxifies by attracting and removing environmental contaminants on contact. It pulls harmful bacteria right out of the gums! The finely-textured crystals in the clay can really get in there and scrub between your teeth too, for a deep clean feeling and healthy smile. For more about how ClayBrite works, visit their website.

ClayBrite is a natural fluoride-free toothpaste, and it’s available in a few different varieties. ClayBrite Original has Xylitol and Green Tea Extract to fight plaque and gum inflammation, and ClayBrite Extra includes some extra mint and natural sweetener for that more conventional experience.

ClayBrite is available at Adama Minerals, along with a wide selection of other natural detox products. Try it and you’ll be amazed!


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