Five gifts for active men – UNDER $10

Once again it’s that magic time of year where we take a special moment to appreciate our loved ones, our liked ones, and sometimes even our coworkers with thoughtful gifts. My friends and fam have called me a particularly good gift giver, so I thought I’d take a minute and share some of my secrets.eric bike

Gifts for active guys for $10 or less!

Here’s some gifts that will be sure to please your more outdoorsy or earth-conscious male friends, from the kind of guy that runs the Tough Mudder to the guy who just likes eco-friendly products when he shaves. Here we go:

big river new blurry photo-600x6001: Adama Minerals Big River Soap – $7.99

Adama Minerals makes some dang fine soap, and Big River in particular is ideal for active men. It has a robust, musky scent that accentuates a man’s natural dudeliness. It’s got all the lady-appealing power of AXE, but none of the harsh chemicals. This soap features Bentonite clay that detoxifies and hydrates the skin as it makes suds. Great for sensitive skin, and oh so affordable!

31Cc1PoEjRL._SY355_2: Contigo Kangaroo Water Bottle – $9.71

For a guy that loves to run, hike or work out, this one is a no-brainer. It’s a water bottle, WITH A FRIGGING STORAGE COMPARTMENT INSIDE IT. You can park all your stuff in your gym locker and carry your new water bottle with confidence that it contains all the essentials for your survival – keys, membership card, moola for the vending machine. The Kangaroo is so handy that it’s sure to become your guy friend’s new activity buddy. This is selling at a special price now, so grab it before it changes.

for-men-maca-root-razor-relief_l3. Body Shop Maca Root Razor Relief– $8.40

This is one that I’ve used personally and really just love. It’s a soothing aftershave that cools the skin and fights irritation and razor burn. You’ll feel relieved right after you put it on – it absorbs so quickly it’s like your skin is drinking it in. It includes Maca Root which is great for your skin, and most of the ingredients are certified Community Trade, which means this is a socially and environmentally responsible way to shave.

61sKowIXmbL._SL1500_4. Asone External Portable Power – $4.71

When you’re out on an adventure far from any three-pronged outlet, this little guy will ensure you can power up your phone to call civilization, or snap a picture at the summit. Asone has introduced a super-cheap portable cell phone power bank that’s micro-sized and easy to fit into any size pack. The active bro in your life will love it, and it’s so affordable you’ll want to grab yourself one too.

bike5-iphone-5-water-resistant-bicycle-mount-white-main-view5. Bike5 iPhone Bike Mount – $9.95

This is another super-handy device I spotted on the train to work. It’s a little mounting system that lets you attach your iPhone 5 to the handlebars of your bike so you can more easily use it while you ride. Having your phone right in front of you will make following GPS directions way easier, and if you plug in some headphones you can safely ride and listen to some tunes. Making calls on the road, maybe not so much. The Bike5 is water resistant too, so you can use it in all weather conditions. It’ll make your wettest biking experiences more bearable.

That’s it for now. Check back soon for more great gift ideas that won’t break the bank!


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