Dynamic Detox Duo: Kanwa Clay and Green Tea

Did you know that behind water, tea is the single most consumed beverage on the planet?  Think about it – people all over the world take time out of their day to sip a steaming mug (or perhaps a frosty tumbler) of brewed tea leaves, whether it’s for breakfast or before bedtime or, in the UK, even a meal of its own: tea.

Rolling hills of caffeine

Rolling hills of caffeine

Humans have done a lot for the little tea plant. We’ve brought it with us all over the world, grown millions of acres of it and even created great works of art in the name of tea. In 7th century China, the poet Luwuh wrote scriptures about the divine nature of tea and the sublime ways that we consume it. I mean really, he got into it.

The first cup moistens my lips and throat, the second cup breaks my loneliness, the third cup searches my barren entrail but to find therein some five thousand volumes of odd ideographs. – The fourth cup raises a slight perspiration, – all the wrong of life passes away through my pores. At the fifth cup I am purified; the sixth cup calls me to the realms of immortals. The seventh cup – ah, but I could take no more!

And for all the crazy things we’ve done for tea, it’s good to know that tea loves us back. Research has shown that all varieties of tea can provide people with major health benefits, lengthening our lives and making us happier and more comfortable. Green tea, made from the unfermented raw tea leaf, has perhaps the longest list of healthful benefits.

The health benefits of green tea

Drinking green tea every day can give you a lot more days to live. It may not be the potion of immortality that it was believed to be thousands of years ago, but it’s not a bad candidate for the job.

Brewed green tea contains a high concentration of antioxidants, specifically polyphenols, which help your body fight and resist free radicals. Free radicals are believed to be a primary cause of aging and can lead to cancer and heart disease. Flushing your body with antioxidant-rich green tea can significantly reduce the damage done by free radicals and help you live a longer and healthier life.

On top of that, studies have shown that green tea can help regulate cholesterol levels in the body. Drinking green tea reduces the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines and raises levels of HDL (“good”) cholesterol in the body.

Green tea helps the body naturally get rid of junk that it doesn’t need and maintain a healthy equilibrium. Small studies have found that drinking green tea can help people with diabetes by regulating glucose and lowering blood sugar levels.

So on its own, green tea is a strong ally for good health and a long life. But what if there was another compound out there that could partner up with tea and offer even greater illness-fighting power?

Why would I ask that if I didn’t have an answer

Turns out, tea has found its crimefighting partner in the form of a detoxifying mineral. This Boy Wonder, scientifically known as Calcium Montmorillonite, has a long list of superpowers of its own. When ingested, this clay naturally encapsulates and removes harmful heavy metals and contaminants from the body, and leaves behind helpful minerals to support bone density and skin health.


So – when brewed together in one cup, green tea and Calcium Montmorillonite make a super detoxifying duo. Together they overpower disease-causing bad guys and give your body a healthy boost of antioxidants and minerals.

Try a sample of Kanwa Detox Tea at Adama Minerals Today!


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