Arnica – A ferocious floral facial

skip-brown-panned-view-of-man-leaping-over-rocky-stream-on-the-appalachian-trailIt’s a clear morning on the Appalachian trail. With your trusty hiking stick, you press on up a rocky incline, listening to a trickling brook burbling a few feet from you. You keep your eyes on your feet as you plan out your steps, stealing a few glances up to the bright blue sky and the lush vegetation that surrounds you.

As you crest the hill into a level clearing, your ankle starts to complain. Maybe you strained it when you were crossing that log bridge earlier, playing hopscotch on the mossy wood. You sit down to rest up your aching leg, when out of the corner of your eye, you spot a handsome yellow flower.

Well hello there!

Well hello there!

Using your extensive knowledge of local flora (aka your smartphone) you identify this bloom as Arnica – a much beloved annual flower that has been used in alternative medicine for centuries. Turns out, Arnica is known for its ability to relieve muscle aches and pains (amongst other things) and could be the perfect way to relieve that ankle. What luck to find it growing happily on the side of the trail!!

Enough with the narrative already

Arnica is a special kind of flower, one with more uses than it has names – and it has a few names. Known variously as mountain tobacco, wolfsbane and leopard’s bane, this flower has some of the most badass aliases out there. I know, wolfsbane. Straight out of Game of Thrones!

Never leave home without it

Never leave home without it

This yellow blossom is packed with natural compounds that relieve pain and fight infections. Arnicin, thymol and other organic chemicals make Arnica a powerful anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. Native Americans traditionally use arnica as a remedy for back pain, and clinical trials have shown that arnica is effective at relieving muscle pain in injured athletes.

The Catawba tribe went so far as to brew arnica into a tea, but modern doctors advise against using arnica internally – too high a dose can be toxic. When applied to the skin, however, the active ingredients in arnica can be very effective indeed.

Modern products with ancient arnica

Arnica can be found in many alternative medicines and body care products, most commonly for treating pain or improving skin health. The anti-inflammatory power of arnica helps to eliminate blotching and promote smooth, even-toned skin.hyd_facemask_p1-250x250 IMG_2092-250x250

Adama Minerals uses arnica in several of its facial products, including the Natural Clay Face Scrub and Rose Clay Hydrating Face Mask. All of these products help to ensure the look and feel of your skin through the soothing use of natural herbs like Arnica.For healthy skin powered by time-tested herbal remedies, give Arnica a try today!


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