Gift to the Hummingbird – Soap Stories

Mayan storytellers have passed on a heartwarming story about a hummingbird’s wedding day for hundreds of years, and it’s one of the Native American legends featured on Zion Health soaps – Song Bird.

It’s a long and involving story with many colorful characters, and a read through makes it sound almost like an avian soap opera.

A long time ago, the Hummingbird (known amongst Mayans as Tzunuum) was actually a very plain bird. She didn’t have any bright feathers in her plumage, but she was proud of her expert flying abilities.

One day the plain Tzunuum got engaged, and she was full of joy but also concerned about her lack of ornament. She didn’t have a wedding gown or a necklace to wear on her special day.

Fortunately, her friends all pitched in to help. Flycatcher made a crimson necklace out of his feathers, and Spider wove a beautiful gossamer wedding veil. Oriole wove her a stunning wedding gown, and for the ceremony the Azar tree laid down a lush carpet of petals.

When the wedding day arrived, Tzunuum was so surprised, happy and grateful that she could barely twitter her vows. The Great Spirit so admired her humble, honest soul that he decreed that the hummingbird could wear her wedding gown for the rest of her life. And so she did, passing it on to every hummingbird thereafter.


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