How Coyote Stole The Sun – Soap Stories

Today on Soap Stories, we’re going to talk about how Coyote stole the sun. This is one of the featured Native American legends on Zion Health’s natural clay soaps – Eagle Sun.

The Zuni people are a Native American tribe whose ancestral lands lie in the southwest, and they have an awesome story about how the sun and the moon first lit up the sky. It’s a classic Coyote yarn that has been passed down through oral tradition for many generations, and it goes a little something like this:

In the time when all the world was dark, Coyote and his friend Eagle spent their days hunting. Eagle, having sharp eyes, was able to catch plenty of rabbits in the dark, enough to share with Coyote who was, well, a bit less successful than Eagle.

“All I can catch are these gross little bugs,” Coyote complained. “It’s too dark out here, I can’t hunt for squat. There should be some light in the sky to help me see.”

“You’re right, friend,” said Eagle, “there should be some light. I have heard of a place in the West where we might find some.”

So they traveled through the land, crossing many rivers, until they came to a Pueblo where the Kachina spirits were having a ceremonial dance around their sacred light-holding box.

Naturally, Eagle and Coyote hatched a plan to steal the box and bring light back to their hunting grounds.

What happened next? Well, watch this animation by students at the Colorado Art Institute to find out:


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